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Clean, Green, Guaranteed

About Strain Specific Concentrates

We are a group of cannabis growers, chemists, and entrepreneurs. Together, they share the combination of expertise and experience that’s developed the genetics, extraction equipment, and methodologies to deliver pure and potent extracts to both the medical and recreational markets.


Genetic Purity + Strict Methodology

Our concentrates derive their quality from the methods we’ve developed using alcohol, butane, and C02. Our methodologies, developed under the supervision of an accredited chemist, a long-time industry innovator, and with the benefit of years’ worth of experience in creating concentrates, bring out the best in the cannabis source material.


Raw Down to the Molecule

Our extracts themselves are independently-tested through certified labs to ensure a high standard of quality, while our proprietary testing methods complement and often exceed the testing battery of outside labs. Each product is tested for the potency of:

Active cannabinoids Terpenes

Fewer Residual Solvents

Independent, as well as our proprietary testing methods, establish that our extraction methods eliminate solvents in extracts to well below state-mandated threshold. Processors using our methods and tools consistently deliver medical and recreational products that are safe, potent, and among the purest to be found.